Experience your ultimate gaming nights – at LVL, in the heart of Berlin.

LAN area, casual gaming, esports arena, and VR: we are your gaming club, whether it’s for a quick rush or a relaxed evening.


Life can be stressful and full of tasks, but that feeling when we hold the controller, pick up the mouse, or instinctively land our fingers on WASD says: Pause. Me-Time. Take a break from everyday life and enter a different world. Whether alone or with your friends, an evening at LVL is always an unforgettable highlight. We are your capital city gaming club for gaming in a relaxed environment. And yes, we feed – but only AFK: you can look forward to our delicious burgers and great cocktails, right after or before your next chicken dinner.

Whether you’re a strategist, button smasher, or esports fan, we are your gaming wonderland.

LVL is all about Cyberpunk vibe and legendary gaming offerings. We intentionally cater to ages “16 and above” because we are not a traditional arcade but a premium gaming club. Our service in the restaurant, bar, cinema, and all gaming offerings ensures you feel comfortable from the first minute. Our impressive 15m² Entertainment Gate welcomes you. You’ll immediately notice when you enter LVL: this is how gaming becomes a lifestyle. Your next adventure starts right here.

The heart of esports – the Dome

Esports is the highest level of gaming culture. Of course, we needed an arena for that. And it’s not just any arena; ours is the dome (hence the name). We use state-of-the-art noise-canceling multimedia elements. Even if the players are shouting their lungs out while you scream, cheer, and clap – they won’t hear you or the commentators. A game-changer – just like LVL itself. Get ready for spectacular moments and watch the esports pros live. But sometimes, we also like to leave the Dome to you and your friends for your ultimate competition.

Consoles, simulators, and VR – experience the full spectrum of next-generation gaming.

Whether with friends or just you, your favorite game, and a few hours to escape from everyday life – LVL offers you a special experience. And on weekends with extended opening hours, there are even more matches to be had. Which area attracts you the most? LAN area, Retro Arcade, VR gaming, ultra-realistic racing simulators, and an esports arena to watch the best of the best – perhaps you’ll even learn something new? We regularly have special highlights that we’d love to welcome you to!


The LAN area at LVL – High-end gaming at 144+Hz.

Ultra details and frame rates to melt away: Gaming is only truly exciting with your friends, right? Nothing is more fun than annihilating (your) noobs over LAN? Then look forward to the unparalleled Maxnomic LVL Edition Gaming Chairs. And our friends at BoostBox have tamed the concentrated audio power and put it into really good speakers. Sounds better than at home? It is. Get ready for a cool evening.

Have higher ambitions?

We have separate training rooms for esports teams with 12 PCs, additional screens, and whiteboards for reviews. Or you can book the room for your private gaming party. By the way: our LAN area is divided into age groups, so everyone has access to age-appropriate games.

Grab your friends and finally leave the daily grind behind!

Book a legendary evening now!


Back to the 80s in the Retro Arcades – 4-bit graphics and getting excited like in the old days.

Do you love arcade classics with the unforgettable 80s vibes, not only since the hype around Stranger Things (and if you do, that’s okay too!)? Then immerse yourself in the feeling of the 80s in our Retro Arcade area. At LVL, you’ll find the best arcade game classics and many console games. Here, you can discover and experience the legends of arcade games live.

Find out why classics like Street Fighter are still as good as they used to be. How good you still are is another question – find out.

Hologate VR – full immersion, no compromises.

You can also discover the latest developments at LVL and try them out for yourself. Do you love games in VR that completely immerse you in the virtual world? We anticipated that. That’s why you can explore new worlds and experience constant developments with Hologate VR at our place. Easily surpass all (yes, all!) boundaries with Hologate VR and have entirely new experiences. You’ll love it! Promise!

Drive like the pros – our racing simulator.

Get in and start driving! Immediately, you’ll feel the speed throughout your body, sense every bump on the road, and lean into the curves. Did you know that professional race car drivers train in simulators, and some pros were even former esports pros? Experience motorsport tailor-made for you.

Hungry? Then head to our restaurant.

Gaming makes you hungry because true gamers put in their all. We know that, so you’ll find a restaurant at LVL with super delicious burgers (yes, vegan options too!), sandwiches, fries, and other finger food. We also offer seasonal snacks. After that, you’ll be ready for the next round for sure.

Our VIP Lounge

Is your concentration waning? Get a boost with an ice-cold Red Bull® at the bar. Have you gamed enough for today? Then it’s time to wind down with your friends for some after-gaming – cold beer and great cocktails await you. And then it continues. To the next game or back home – for today. It was an all-around great evening, right?


The Cinema at LVL

Want a break from gaming? Then take a look at our cinema at LVL. There, you’ll find anime, always new and special movies, or even a trendy Hollywood blockbuster. The perfect relaxation after a tough gaming session. Be prepared to be surprised again and again!